Sphera podcast award contest: video repurposing

Structure of the podcast contest

In light of technical and editorial considerations, the podcast is split up into two separate awards:

  • A Sphera podcast critique award ✨
  • A Sphera podcast community award ✨

You can read the full outline of the contest here 📃

Sphera podcast critique award

The Sphera podcast critique award is assigned by Bulle Media, as podcast production leader of the Sphera project. The editor in chief of Bulle Media motivates the selection of the chosen podcast series. The Sphera podcast critique award goes to:

La Abuela de Las Tres Guerras, by Silvia Serrano 🙌  Read the motivation letter 📃

Sphera podcast community award

The Sphera podcast community award is assigned through a public digital vote hosted on the Sphera website. A selection of podcasts is put to the vote of the public, which will be composed of  members of the online social media-based Sphera community, as well as a larger audience. The shortlist of podcasts put to the vote follows a technical and editorial analysis taking into consideration the potential match with the chosen format (video) as well as feasibility criteria.

Read the methodology for the establishment of the podcast shortlist here 📃

Voting procedure and deadlines

You can vote for the podcasts on the Instagram account @Europeanpodcasts.
Just reach the account and give a like (❤) to the podcast series related carousel posts.
The post/series collecting most of likes will be awarded with the Sphera podcast community award.

Alternatively, here come the links to the specific posts on Instagram:

❤ Like and vote for Hypertourismos (EN), by Maëlle Julou

❤ Like and vote for Sueños de agua y sal (ES) by Marta Vilarte and Aurora Martinez

❤ Like and vote for Fermata Nanterre (IT), by Arianna Poletti

You can listen to the full series by heading to the "Podcasts" section of this website.

(voting runs until the June 8th, 6pm CET, 2022)