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Sphera is launching the first ever pan-European contest for the production of 12 podcast series in 6 European languages. The open call, coordinated by the podcast agency Bulle Media, aims to amplify the voices of the young European generation, to encourage European debate and promote pluralism, diversity and social inclusion.Are you a young (16-30) European? Do you love radio and podcasts? Do you have a meaningful message to share? Do you envisage a career in media/podcasting/journalism?

Apply to the European Podcast Contest and earn up to €8,300 to produce a podcast series in the language of your choice (EN, FR, ES, DE, IT, PL). You will receive free training from a specialised podcast agency and get media exposure through Sphera.

Sphera as well as this prize are co-financed by the EU.

The first podcast contest is now closed. Here are all the winners:

  • DE: Marie Zinkann (German), Maximilian Henning (German), Alexandra Ketterer (German). A podcast about the EU's national biometrics databases in countries that are non-member states and less economically-privileged. Do these databases support democratic governance? Do they further discrimination and prejudice regarding migration to Europe? The hosts will speak to experts, activists and citizens from the affected countries. Listen to the full podcast HERE!
  • EN: Sonja Agata Bišćan (Croatian/Polish), Zeyneb Kasmi (Dutch/Moroccan). A podcast about the different dimensions of water: a (scarce) resource, a human right, a weapon of war... as well as existing and future solutions. Co-hosted by a human rights lawyer and a data journalist and analyst. Listen to the full podcast HERE!
  • ES: Aurora Isabel Martínez Sanz (Spanish), Marta Villarte Ros (Spanish). This podcast will offer a unique space of discussion, sharing information and gathering the personal stories of five migrants who struggle to reach an unknown land without forgetting their own. Each episode will be accompanied by a visual component. Listen to the full podcast HERE!
  • FR: Romane Frachon (French). This podcast will tell the stories of migrant women and gender minorities across Europe through testimonials, statistics and other research insights. Hosted by a grand-daughters of immigrants. Listen to the full podcast HERE!
  • IT: Arianna Poletti (Italian). A podcast centered around the Parisian neighbourood of Nanterre, and its collection of post-war memories as seen from a postcolonial perspective. The podcast will take you through history: with the transition from a migrant to becoming a citizen, all the way to the "second generation" today. Listen to the full podcast HERE!
  • PL: Michał Matus (Polish). This podcast portrays the "Parallel Stream" in Central Europe, an ecosystem of culture, media, ideologies growing parallel to mainstream thanks to the digital revolution. The podcast will offer a collage of voices that reject the mainstream, and those who analyse these perspectives. Listen to the full podcast HERE!

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