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Misiconi in Rotterdam: inclusive dancing

Misiconi is an inclusive dancing school based in Rotterdam. The founders of the school share insights from their experience. Can dancing become an instrument to foster inclusiveness in our societies?

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NFT in art

Blockchain art is getting more popular and the first auction in Poland ended up with a bid of over 100 000 euro

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Increase of chemical submission rapes in Spain

20% of sexual assaults reported in Spain in 2019 include the use of drugs that nullify the will of the victims. But this kind of rape also a happens in the rest of Europe

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Counties with high quota of AfD voters have an increased number of Covid cases

This is based on a study which found that regions with high support for right-wing extremist parties are more sceptical about democratic institutions.

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Women and long covid: the most affected

More than 70% of the affected by long covid are women. Her illness is questioned in many medical consultations, which is another barrier to overcome

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Germany's new government asks for a European space law

The new Minister of Economic Affairs, Robert Habeck, speaks of sustainable space travel and the traffic light coalition demands that climate friendly space travel needs to be supported in all of Europe.

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