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Digital labour platforms

Do Digital Labour Platforms advance work services by coordinating them, or are they exploiting vulnerable workforces?

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Europe less-known minorities

Being more than 10% of Europe’s population, does the lesser-known minorities deserve more representation?

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Immigrant's voting rights in Austria

Austria has one of the highest numbers of migrants in Europe, but one of the lowest naturalization rates and as such limited voting rights for non-EU citizens.

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How the pause of cultural activities affected art workers?

For a long time, cultural activities are in pause. An art worker and a theater lover talk about the absence of arts in their everyday routine.

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Asian Skater boys

What would make asian population more visible and less discriminated? Skating!

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The most polluted cities in Europe

The populations of Madrid, Antwerp, Turin, Paris and Milan are the most exposed to nitrogen dioxide NO2 and PM 2.5 particles. For our health, it is important to generate alternatives.

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