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ECHR rejects case seeking to blame Vatican for abuse

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Vatican cannot be sued in a local court for sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests, affirming that it enjoys sovereign immunity and that the misconduct of priests and their superiors cannot be attributed to the Holy See.

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Regenerative architecture

A new architectural style that seeks to minimize the environmental impact of the construction

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Self-employed left behind on the European job market

Statistics after the pandemic show: self-employment is going down, while all other job fields in Germany are on the upwards trend. Freelancers have not received the help that bigger companies and state-run facilities have gotten. And that is true all over Europe.

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From 31 October until 12 November, Glasgow will be host to an event that many think is our best – and perhaps last – chance to keep global warming under control. We are talking about COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference.But what exactly is at stake?

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The king of Spanish corruption cases

The activity of the former head of State, Juan Carlos I is being investigated for money laundering crimes

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The french Minister of the Interior wished that we follow the "Greek Model" for external borders control.

What is exactly the “Greek Model” ?

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