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Sphera is launching the second round of its pan-European contest for the production of 12 podcast series in 6 European languages. The open call, coordinated by the podcast agency Bulle Media, aims to amplify the voices of the young European generation, to encourage European debate and promote pluralism, diversity and social inclusion.Are you a young (16-30) European? Do you love radio and podcasts? Do you have a meaningful message to share? Do you envisage a career in media/podcasting/journalism?

Apply to the European Podcast Contest and earn up to €8,300 to produce a podcast series in the language of your choice (EN, FR, ES, DE, IT, PL). You will receive free training from a specialised podcast agency and get media exposure through Sphera.

Sphera as well as this prize are co-financed by the EU.

The second podcast contest is now closed. Here are all the winners:

  • DE: Cäciliar Regner, Vanessa Klein. A podcast about surveillance in today’s society and its political, economic and social impact in different countries. Is a state allowed to invade someone’s privacy for the collective good? Interviews with psychologist, investigate journalists, political scientists, data experts, human rights activists, and lawyers will grant us insight into this topic.
  • EN: Maëlle Julou. Dream destination Santorini is now a victim of its success. This podcast explores how overtoursim on the island is threatening its sustainability and hands the mic to the locals. How is the triangle “planet, profit, people” affected by the sunset-loving crowds? featuring interviews with locals, NGOs, policy-makers and tourists.
  • ES: Silvia Serrano PedersenSilvia’s grandmother, Mercedes, speaks perfect Spanish, Russian, French and German. This podcast will cover how she learned those languages: the story of 20th century history. It involves three wars, a wall, borders, secrets, mysteries and taboo topics. Silvia will interview her family to understand the untold story that lives inside of her. 
  • FRHildegard Leloue, Corentin Ribeiro, Justine Robin & Rémi AugaisThis podcast will tell the stories of migrant women and gender minorities across Europe through testimonials, statistics and other research insights. Hosted by a grand-daughters of immigrants. 
  • IT: Alessandro Cascianelli, Matteo Castellucci.This podcast will analyse how artificial intelligence is changing the world of work. The podcasters will discuss the opportunities it offers, but also its dark side with a particular focus on what Europe is doing with AI both judicially and economically. Is AI an opportunity or a threat to the future of young European jobs
  • PL: Adam StasiakThis podcast will revolve around drug policy, its impact and relation to various areas of our everyday lives. The focus will be placed on exposing various States’ instrumentalisation of the law, while claiming to be protecting public health, which leads to criminalisation and oppression of vulnerable groups.

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For further questions relative to the podcast contest, please write to: contest@bullemedia.eu.